Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Carrie's girls, Haley and Molly

Today I wanted to play...

I put the word to see who wanted to play with me and Carrie brought her beautiful girls to play! 

Meet Molly

and... meet Haley

 I have known them since they were both babies..


What a beauty!!!

Both beautiful!! 

Thank you girlies for coming and playing with me!! I had a blast!!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ballet meets Harley Davidson

I had an idea of taking beautiful point dancers in costume and putting them in different places.. alley's, stairs, ladders, anything that was different and out of the ordinary for a point dancer to be.  I invited the dancers of Legacy Ballet Studio in Albany to come play with me. 

On the day the girls and I were going to play was soooooo stinking hot (into the mid 90's), and there was the first home game for OSU (Oregon State University) in Corvallis (where we wanted to go for the alleys). The traffic was going to be horrible so we stayed closer to town (Albany). 

Sooo as I was saying, the girls came to play at my house. Here they found 2 Harley's in the back yard...  I also have a bunch of straw bales..  So we played... 

First we went to the Pumpkin Mill Antique Shoppe in Albany.. Linda was so fabulous to let us come play at her shop.. Thank you Linda! You are a doll!!

Here we have Bekah, Lena, Sophie (in the back) and Hailey.. 






I love love love the head shots!!!

Here is where the girls decided to be rock dancers.. I think they did it beautifully!!

I have a few favorites of each of the girls.. For Lena,, I love this! Favorite!!

I think Kirsten fit very nicely on my bike....

Could Bekah be any cuter?? 

My bike never looked so good!!!

This is my Bekah favorite!!

Here we have Maddie

Another favorite of mine!!

Love this of Bekah!

Reflections of Point...

I am sure there are many more of the girls I should have posted.. but there are lots of pictures and not enough time...
We are making plans to go out and play again..
Thank you girls and Heather for allowing me to shoot you today!

I am not done by a long shot.. I want to shoot more "out of the norm"

Till next time... :)