Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is Kalie. We went out and played with the camera, and had a great time.

My good good friend Mary, Kalie's Grandmother. I love this picture!

These 2 top and bottom are my favorites!!!!

Love this one of Mary and Kailie too!! Beautiful!!! :)
Congratulations Kalie on your graduation.. Wishing you much success!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Florence Girls xoxo

This post is all about the Florence girls.. Abbie, Ellie, and Phyllis.

I have knows these girls since Phyllis was maybe around 3 years old and we called her "Princess Philly".. she still is a princess to me.

Here is Abbie and her princess Paige. These really are 2 different pictures,, but I love them both!

One of my all time favorites with Dominic and Abbie.. (I know Abbie,, you didn't like the foot picture, but I love it!! Totally you! )

Paige is so her mother!!! Full of spit and vinegar!!

Now theses beauties are Olivia and Madelyn.. they belong to Ellie.
Twins and I never could tell them apart. Good thing their mom and dad can.

Loving Miss Ellie!!!

Here is Princess Philly with her Nate.
One of my favorites of Abbie.. Love you girls!


This is Mihila.. I had the pleasure of doing Mihila's graduation portfolio in Corvallis (Oregon)

What fun we had!!

Randy and Brenda's Grandbaby Girl

This little angle is just under 2 weeks old. As much as I had planned on doing when I did this shoot with her,,, she had other ideas. As is with babies you go on their schedule. She didn't really want to play with me, so I got what pictures I could.

What I got was priceless!!!

These couple of pictures are so special. Just a hint of a smile and then full blown!!! Even a bit fuzzy I had to put this (top pic) in.. One of those pictures that just makes you melt!

Like I said,, I didn't get many pictures but what I did get I love!


This lovely lady is Ariana. She is like one of the family. She loves our kids... all 3 of them. (that would be Trixie, Pixie, and Harley.. our dogs) The thing is,, they all 3 just love her too.

Did you know it is a felony to be on railroad tracks?? We didn't either. Not until the sheriff told me as he was was calling both our ID's into the station. Good thing we were done already. ;)

Don't you just love RED???