Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Peabody Family

The Peabody Family

 Meet Sam, Melissa, Jack, Sean, and Jimmy...

This is the Peabody family. Sam is 8, Jimmy is 11 and Jack is now 5 months old. (yes, he was a total surprise!) 

 Mel and Sean have know each other since the 2nd grade. They started to go to the same church when they were kids..

This is Ranger..  (I actually think his name should have been trouble,, he is always in it.. )

 Love him,,, Like a doll!!!

I should say why I am just a bit partial to this family... Mel is my oldest daughter and these are my grandson's...

Mel and Sean have been married for 15 years now..

 What a ham!!!!

I can't say enough about these boys!!! Aren't they just so handsome!!!!!

  Both Sam and Jim just love there baby brother Jack!!

I loved spending the day with the Peabody's and look forward to many more!!!!!


I seem to travel where ever my photography takes me. I have met some truly amazing people. This is my friend Mindy. She lives in Washington.. actually very close to my daughter. 

This one,, I couldn't resist.. Photographers will do just about anything, climb, crawl, or scale a wall to get a shot.. (Wally keeps threatening to tie a rope around my waist.. if that tells you anything)

I went up to have breakfast with my grandsons and then spent the rest of the day with Mindy. We went to a mill and covered bridge in Woodland. (beautiful place too, I might add)

We had a great time playing with our cameras. Mindy is an amazing photographer and we had a blast hanging out together!

Can't wait to see you and hang out again my friend!!!!

Cerah and Sam

Cerah and Sam

Engagement to Happily Ever After.....

Sam and Cerah will be getting married in August. I will have the pleasure of doing their wedding.

Today we did some playing..

Thank you for the opportunity to do your engagement photos and I look forward to your wedding in August..