Friday, December 30, 2011

Jim, Sam, and Baby Jack

I have 3 wonderful and handsome grandsons.. Jim is 11 years, Sam is 8 years, and Jack is 11 days old here. He was born on December 18th. He sure took his time and gave his mom a bit of trouble. Everyone (that would be Mel) is fine and healing great now... 

I love baby lips,,, and fingers, and toes, and noses, etc.... But look at his little baby lips.... 

Jack was so good.. he really loved this fur.. he tried to eat it, but then found his thumb instead.

I can't tell you how much the boys love being a big brother...

They couldn't get enough of holding him.

I really think Jack knows who they are and feels so safe and secure when either Jim or Sam is holding him. He seemed to melt into their arms. 

I love all of the photos I took of my boys but I really love love love this one above and the next bunch below...

We like to think Jack was giving kisses to the boys..

When my friend Vickie came to visit from Dallas, we went to a few antique stores in the Sellwood area of Portland. I found a bunch of noses that I had to have... at the time I had no idea what they would be used for..... 

As you can see I found a use.....




 What a couple of hams!!!


The boys loved just laying and letting Jack sleep on them...

And Jack was very comfortable.

A very good baby, not once did he cry.. (maybe I didn't really give him much of a chance.. I probably didn't put him down for the first couple hours after I got to the house) or fuss... just let the boys, and myself just hold and cuddle with him.

Another favorite!!! Such handsome boys.. all 3 of them!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Meet Holly. 
She is a co-worker of mine.. not the same department,, but in the same store.. 

Holly wants to be a make-up artist and has lots of ideas as to what she would like to do with that..

Since I have lots of ideas as to what I want to do with my photography we decided to go play. 

Loving the shoes!!! And they are pink!!! With Sparkles too!!!

More shoes...  :)

We had a great time playing today and Holly and I will be playing again soon.. Hoping next time to have Danny with us!!