Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Florence Girls xoxo

This post is all about the Florence girls.. Abbie, Ellie, and Phyllis.

I have knows these girls since Phyllis was maybe around 3 years old and we called her "Princess Philly".. she still is a princess to me.

Here is Abbie and her princess Paige. These really are 2 different pictures,, but I love them both!

One of my all time favorites with Dominic and Abbie.. (I know Abbie,, you didn't like the foot picture, but I love it!! Totally you! )

Paige is so her mother!!! Full of spit and vinegar!!

Now theses beauties are Olivia and Madelyn.. they belong to Ellie.
Twins and I never could tell them apart. Good thing their mom and dad can.

Loving Miss Ellie!!!

Here is Princess Philly with her Nate.
One of my favorites of Abbie.. Love you girls!

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