Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fallen Angle

Fallen Angle

I went to a photo shoot in Battleground, Wa a couple weeks ago.. What a shoot! Can you say AMAZING!!!??? Well it was..  The talent again, was amazing.. between the make up artist's and hair stylists and the designers.. no contest!
I don't remember everyones names but I will try my best..

 Here is Blake Williams.. he is a fallen dark angle..  He has lost his wings..  Make up done by Eveyna Castro..

The most beautiful eyes.. But there are more coming!!

 Here we have Saia Ngauamo and  Rylee Holcer. Makeup and hair by Elisha 'Ishy' Seaton. This was Rylee's first modeling event.. she did quite well..

Model: Candice Forsberg
MUA: Elisha 'Ishy' Seaton
Hair: Melody Bell

Here is Nick.. I wish I had more info..  I love this .. just sitting in the sun having a smoke.. Reminds me of the movie Michael.. 

This set was so much fun to do.. Here we have dark angle Christine  Scala with her sights set on light angle Tanja Ross.. while fallen dark angle Blake Williams watches... 

Model: Christina Scala
MUA/Hair: Angie Faro

Model: Vivi Moore

Some behind the scenes... 

Model: Blake Williams

Model: JaCinda Storm
MUA:  Nicole Surrey

Model: Sarah Ann Olson
MUA/Hair: Angie Faro

Model: Danielle Doolin

Photo Bomb... with Shoshona Kessler (and I am sure I spelled that wrong.. sorry!)


Model: Chloe Calypso

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