Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reflections of Me'


Wally and I were in Charleston, South Carolina last week. We did some walking.. (and I mean some as in one hell of alot!!)  My sister Gillian was the best tour guide as we walked along the alleys and side streets of Charleston..  Beautiful homes, store fronts and just all around beautiful buildings!!

While we were walking we found this beautiful building that was in process of being remodeled.  We all know that people are facing hard times and this home was no exception. It looked as thoe it had been gutted and was in process.... and then abandoned. The walls were gone and only studs were in their place, the wheel barrel and shovels were left standing in place..

It leaves so much to the imagination as to what this home could look like and what you could do to a place like this! (I love love love the brick walls)

I took the opportunity to try a couple of "self portraits" ... Since I am not a very photogenic person I actually liked how these turned out!! 

So here you have... "Reflections of Me'"

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