Friday, June 1, 2012

Working with models...


So in my learning about photography I have met some amazing people..
The last year I have learned so much and from some amazing photographers!!! I have nothing but respect for what they do and their work.. which is amazing!!!

I have also learned that there is a whole other world out there as far as photography.

There is the professional model.
This is Cassandra Norton.. I first met her when I worked with Hal.. Now Hal is a photographer in the Portland area.
I have always been a hands on learner.. I have to be able to do what someone is teaching me to understand it..

That is what Hal did for me this day.. he made the light bulb go off  in so many ways!!! When I left Vancouver I understood a bit more about lighting and how it works with my camera! 
This is Hal.. :)
Hal is the owner and photographer of Rose City Photography in Portland, Oregon.. 

This is the link to Hal's web page:

or his facebook page:

Take a look,, he is amazing and such a great teacher!!!!!

Now I don't know all the models names that I have taken photos of when I do workshops etc..  But I will always remember Cassandra.. she is a true beauty (really all of the models are).. 
You can find Cassandra at:

I did a workshop at the Woodburn Tulip Festival.. The tulips were in full bloom and it was just beautiful!

Hal put on this workshop and there were around 10 different photographers there. He also had models with different styles of shoots..
I don't remember this ladies name but she was another beauty..

We have more of Cassandra in a 40's style.. very vintage...

She also did a Rosie the Riveter from back in the days of the 1950's.. That was fun!

These shots are really in no particular order at all.. We (the photographers) seemed to be all over the farm at one time. There were different themes going on in different locations on the fields. 

I have so many more from this shoot.. I may add more later or do another posting.. but I really wanted to get some of these posted.

Of course I couldn't come away from the tulip festival without taking some pics of tulips!!! These are some of my favorites!

I think of all the pics I took of Cassandra,,, this is my favorite!!!!!

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